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Big Bear valley has a number of quite distinct and unique areas. Below you will find an overview of each main area as well as a link to search for properties available in that specific area.

Map of Big Bear Areas


Big Bear Lake runs from the Big Bear Dam all along the south shore of Big Bear Lake and includes areas such as Boulder Bay, Metcalf Bay, Eagle Point, Ironwood Estates, and more. It includes the lakefront homes of the south shore, as well as estate neighborhoods that have been established for some time. Properties convenient to Snow Summit ski resort are very popular among people looking for vacation rental investments.

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Fox Farm has some of the most beautiful non-lakefront properties in Big Bear. In Fox Farm, one can find large lots (some an acre or more), newer homes and the prestigious Castle Glen development. Also convenient to the slopes and the lake, Fox Farm is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the Big Bear Valley.

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Moonridge is home to Big Bear's second ski resort, Bear Mountain. Homes in this area are often highly valued either for their proximity to the slopes or for beautiful mountain, ski slope and lake views. Upper Moonridge is "topped off" by the newly developed High Timber Ranch.

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On the north shore of Big Bear, the charming town of Fawnskin is more remote and less busy than the south shore. Except for Fawnskin, the majority of the north shore is national forest and private land is scarce.

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Big Bear City runs roughly from Division to the east valley and includes some areas on the north shore and north of the airport. Properties in Big Bear City are less sought after as vacation rentals and are less convenient to the ski resorts, often meaning that you can get more for your dollar in Big Bear City.

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Local lore tells that Sugarloaf got its start when the LA Times gave away a piece of land as a free gift with a new subscription to its paper. If true, this certainly explains why the lots in Sugarloaf are generally quite small -- 25 by 100 feet is quite common. That said, there are also estate-type properties on the west end of Sugarloaf and quite a few cabins that back to National Forest. It is generally very affordable as compared to the west end of the valley and its second homes outnumber primary residences.

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The East Valley is home to everything from horse property and acreage to small affordable cabins. While these areas are predominantly primary residences, second home owners looking for something a little more remote and maybe a little more rustic often seek out these homes.

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